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Leer Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers

Styling no one else can match

If one word captures the legacy of LEER fiberglass truck caps and tonneaus, that word is "styling." Over and over again, LEER has touched the imagination and excited the enthusiasm of truck owners from coast to coast with products that simply look better. More than that, LEER designs actually enhance the good looks of the trucks they fit. This remarkable emphasis on style means LEER caps look like no others; it means that LEER designs are the most imitated by competitors; and it means that if your head is turned to admire a truck cap passing by on the road, it's probably a LEER. At left is just two examples of how LEER has earned its reputation for 'styling no one else can match!

Ranch Fiberglass Truck Toppers and Lids

You’ve found The Perfect Fit!

If you are looking for the industry’s BEST VALUE in painted Fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers you’ve come to the right place. Ranch Fiberglass is proud to offer a variety of Painted Fiberglass Toppers and Lids for you to choose from. Ranch Fiberglass understands that most of their customers are purchasing a truck cap or tonneau cover to achieve a goal, complete a job, service a need, or fulfill a desire. With that in mind they offer a large series of optional equipment and packages to help you get what you want from your fiberglass cap or lid. Ranch truck caps and covers offer quality workmanship, excellent paint finish, and sturdy hardware.

Unicover Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers


Unicover has it all! Whether you are looking for stylish fiberglass truck caps or a tonneau cover designed to complement your pickup, an economical lightweight aluminum cover, or a heavy-duty aluminum commercial cap that works as hard as you do, Unicover has the pickup cap to fit your needs.