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Model 100

The model 100 aluminum truck cap features a centered sliding window with screens on each side.

Model 400

The model 400 aluminum truck cap features a stationary window to the front on each side and a small sliding window with a screen to the rear on each side.

Model 600

The model 600 aluminum truck cap features radius (curved) side sliding windows with screens, one on each side. (cap shown with optional roof racks).

Model 700

The model 700 aluminum truck cap features a full vision side sliding windows with screens on both sides for maximum visibility.

Model 800

The model 800 aluminum truck cap features a utility door to the front of the cap on each side and small sliding side windows with screens to the rear, one on each side.
Model 1000

The model 1000 aluminum truck cap features 2 utility doors per side for the most convienient access to cargo (shown with optional tool boxes and bi-level rool). This cap is only available for trucks equipped with long beds (eight foot beds).


Model 1100

The model 1100 aluminum truck cap features 2 stationary windows per side, one to the front and one to the rear. It also features small sliding side windows with screens in the center, one per side.


Model 1200

The model 1200 aluminum truck cap features 1 stationary window centered per side. The window is fixed and does not open.






Double Cargo Doors (above)

Single walk-in door (above)


Tool Box Fold Down Tray
(Tool box required)

Ladder Loader
(ladder not included)
Utility Racks
(4 styles to choose from - see below)

Other options available . . .

Utility Rack options

*Tailgate Cap is required on some Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Dodge Ram trucks to complete cap installation (which requires removing existing tailgate spoiler)